Day 77 Tuesday 14th June 2011

Captive Kelp

Today, the weather has been absolutely awful. Rain, wind and really cold. The ocean looked like the inside of a washing machine, as there was so much white water and waves travelling in all directions. I didn’t see any surfers about today.

I braved the weather and got absolutely soaked taking this photograph of some kelp that had been torn at its roots due to the very strong currents. This is where the kelp ended up, entangled in the fence of the ocean pool. To me, it looked as if it was being held captive and it was longing to be set free. Or perhaps it was trying to get in to the relatively calm water of the ocean pool, for a well needed/earned relaxing holiday.


4 comments on “Day 77 Tuesday 14th June 2011”

  1. Definitely breaking in to the calmer waters. The water in the background looks ferocious, you are a brave gal!
    Astra Wally


  2. You are brave. Didn’t the wind knock you over?


    • I didn’t feel very brave when i was taking this. I was just wet, cold and really wanted to be inside in the warm. It was very windy, but I got down really low to take this. I’m glad the wind didn’t knock me over, as I would have ended up in the ocean pool! 🙂


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