Day 75 Sunday 12th June 2011

Silhouettes Climbing

Today, the weather was absolutely awful! Cold, really wet, really windy. Still, I ventured out. This photograph is of people climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge. I liked the silhouettes of their bodies climbing up.


14 comments on “Day 75 Sunday 12th June 2011”

  1. Brave little soldiers!
    Astra Wally


  2. I love this one! It’s so cool – you def. chose a good angle, it seems much more exhausting that it really is, at first sight.


  3. They.. Are.. INSANE !!.. lol.. Even on a beautifully warm and calm summers day I’d think twice before venturing up there… Cold, wet and windy would be a definite no no… but it sure does make for an interesting shot…


    • I agree with you, I kind of think they are insane too. I’d love to do it though, to say that I’ve conquered the bridge. It was an awful day weather wise. I think they wear harnesses to it’s pretty safe – I think!


  4. Very nice! The black & white really makes it work.


  5. Great shot…really like this one!


  6. Well spotted! Very nice..


  7. Very well seen. Brilliant.


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