Day 68 Sunday 05th June 2011

Boardering on Chaotic

Like my play on words? boardering…..bordering get it?! I apologise for my sense of humour.

Everywhere I looked there were surfers. The people with the colourful boards in this photo are learners trying to catch their first waves. They kind of reminded me of bumper cars that you’d get at a fairground. They were going in all directions, at different speeds. Some managed to stand – some didn’t. Good for them for trying I say.

The surfers on the waves out the back are the surfers who really do surf. They are incredible to watch and are awe-inspiring. I could sit and watch them all day and never get bored or should I say board?! 😉


2 comments on “Day 68 Sunday 05th June 2011”

  1. lol, love your play on words


  2. Ahahaha, this is really cool!


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