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Day 65 Thursday 02nd June 2011

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Goodbye Friend…Gone But Never Forgotten….

At 11:39am The King left its pride of place forever.

It is pure coincidence that I was there to watch him go. It’s been really grey the last few days – more like a week I think. Today, was the first day I’d seen blue sky so I decided to go and take some photographs of the beach – with the waves and the blue sky. I walked up to where the King has sat since the evening of the 2nd May 2011. I first met him on the 3rd May 2011  He and his friends (the 2 arm chairs) had become my friends over the past month and I created a short series of posts about their journey and mine.

As I walked to where he was this morning, I smiled, took this photograph of him and then saw 2 men in fluorescent yellow tops and dark sunglasses start to approach, as they put rubber gloves on. My heart instantly sank. I knew right then, they were coming to take him away. I instantly went from feeling happy, because of the blue sky to feeling sad, that our journey together, had come to an end.

I walked up some steps and perched on a rock ledge, with my leg up, so that I could rest it. The two men looked up at me and smiled. I didn’t smile back.

Each man took either end of him and they proceeded down some steps and then they plonked him down. I watched and photographed as they slowly walked my friend down the edge of the ocean swimming pool. When I say they walked him, I mean they would lift him up so that he was on one end, drop him, so that he fell forwards and would then pick up the other end….this pattern continued until they reached the Ute that was going to take him away.

There was a 3rd man, who had driven the Ute along the beach to the ocean pool. Whilst the 2 other men dealt with moving the King, he started to remove the pile that was once 2 beautiful arm chairs. He tossed them in to the back of the Ute.

By this point, I had limped down, towards the beach and rested again, on a wall…watching them.

I wanted to plead with them not to take him away, but I knew that they would never listen to someone like me.

The time came for them to lift the King into the back of the Ute, they struggled a little, as he was rather heavy. Eventually, they got him in.

With that, that engine was started and they drove off, with my friends in the back. I knew then, I’d never see them again and that was the end of our journey.

As they drove past me I actually said goodbye to the King and I said thank you – out loud. If there had been anyone around (there wasn’t) I honestly wouldn’t have cared.

I feel glad in a way, that I was there to see them off.

This is the last ever photograph of The King sat in his pride of place.

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