Day 64 Wednesday 01st June 2011

First Day of Winter

Today, the 01st June 2011 is the first day of winter here in Australia.

Here in Sydney, boy did it feel like winter – as it’s cold, really windy and grey.

The ocean looks more like a washing machine with the white water churning about in all directions.

With the wind (as they float and bob along) – came these blue-bottle jellyfish – also known as Portuguese Man of War (as it is said to look like a Portuguese battleship with a sail).

The float or body of the blue-bottle measures between 3 to 15 cms and the tentacles can range in length from 15 cms up to 10 metres! oh and they do sting! I have been stung, when the tentacle wrapped around my ankle. It stung for a while, but the pain eventually subsided. If it attaches to your body, it releases a poison. If you rub the skin after, more poison is released. So don’t rub!! 😉 (I will have to try to remember that next time!)

It’s also not a single organism, instead it’s made up of these things called zooids (a good word to remember in Scrabble!) Each zooid has its own job to do and all together they work like a single animal such as, some zooids will make up the feeding tentacles, whilst other zooids make the stinging tentacles. Clever eh?! well, I think so.

I think they are really beautiful. That being said, I am happy to stay out of their way in the ocean.


15 comments on “Day 64 Wednesday 01st June 2011”

  1. that is a very good scrabble word indeed~ beautiful photo!


  2. wow..that’s a beautiful fish/organism! Love the blue color and very interesting to know that it’s multiple zooids.. I didn’t know the word either. Nature is very clever


  3. Those colors are amazing. After tomorrow we only have 300 to go :-)))

    A very cool shot. I love it.


  4. Looks so beautiful, at first glance I thought it was glass. I never heard of them before but that is a most awesome sounding name…zooids…fantastic. Nature can hold such wonders although by the sounds of things this is a definite ‘look don’t touch’ scenario.
    Astra Wally


    • It is really is beautiful to look at. The actual body is ok to touch, it’s just the tentancles that hurt. I’ve seen children before popping them by jumping on them with their shoes on…not so nice children!


  5. the colours are really beautiful! so weird though, that your winter has started!


  6. Ugh, that’s gross. I mean, when you look at the man of war it’s beautiful, but reading that it’s made up of different organisms, it sounds like some kind of mutant. And here I was complaining about ordinary jellyfish. Then again, maybe they’re all plotting to take over the ocean and depriving us of our beautiful beaches. Mean creatures!


  7. I’ve heard about them, but have never actually seen on … nice to see a photo of them. Very nice shot!


    • Thank you. We tend to get them more in the summer and sometimes there are literally thousands of them in the water. It’s not a pleasant experience, plus you have to really watch where you are walking on the beach.


  8. Looks like a blue glass dinosaur lay down on the beach. 🙂


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