Day 61 Sunday 29th May 2011

Feeling Forceful

I am really missing the blue skies we’ve had of late. For the last few days – it’s been grey, miserable and more like winter than autumn. I’m hoping the blue sky will return sooner rather than later. The ocean swell has been pretty big lately, allowing me to photograph some large splashes. The fence in this photo is made of stainless steel and you can actually see (not in the photo unfortunately) how it’s been bent by the sheer force of the water.

Speaking of force, last year, I stood in front of this fence with around 15 other people, with my waterproof camera and I held on for dear life as a massive wave approached. I wanted to capture the water – head-on. I actually ended up in the air and at the far end of the ocean pool that this fence surrounds. I wasn’t hurt – nor was anyone else fortunately. What’s ironic, is that I had the forethought to attach my house keys to something, so I wouldn’t lose them, however, a man noticed me taking photographs and he requested me to take some photographs on his behalf, after I’d finished, I unattached my keys and held them in my hand, I walked over to the man, to tell him I’d finished, but just as I did that, another wave came (this was whilst I was on the beach) and it knocked me over and there went my keys….. I was locked out for the day, no suncream, no towel, nothing….I had to wait until my partner arrived home and it cost me $60 to replace my keys. Even though that happened over a year ago, I still look for my keys…hoping that maybe they’ll turn up.


6 comments on “Day 61 Sunday 29th May 2011”

  1. That sucks about the keys, although maybe somewhere out in the great blue some unnamed creature has found a use for them. How did the photos turn out?

    Astra Wally


    • I love that idea! I don’t feel so bad now about my keys going missing. Perhaps some creature has made an underwater house for themselves and now they have security lol. The photos didn’t turn out bad, it’s annoying though, as I never heard back from the guy that I took them for. Oh well, live and learn!


  2. This is fantastic. We also went to the beach this morning. I look like a cherry tomato. Life lesson # 2376 Don’t wear your headband skew to the beach and get sun burnt. I have this funny line across my forehead.


  3. I share your sentiment. We had grey skies for two weeks on a row, then a week of sunshine, and now it’s grey again. It’s depressing, and since I don’t own a car it’s also annoying, because you never know when it’ll rain and I don’t want to get soaked! Oh well, at least I could take pictures of the mist.


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