Day 60 Saturday 28th May 2011

By: smileonlife

May 28 2011

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Category: 365 days, Australia, Landscape Photography, Life, Photography, Seascapes, skyscape, Sydney


Focal Length:9.52mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Old & New Combined

Had an exhausting day today, which started off on Sydney Harbour – which is where this was taken, whilst on a ferry.

I love going on the ferry, it’s such a peaceful way to travel, far more relaxing than being stuck in traffic.


8 comments on “Day 60 Saturday 28th May 2011”

  1. Very pretty! How is your recovery going btw?


    • Hi Rebecca. sorry for not replying sooner, I feel bad for not doing so. Glad you like it. As for my recovery, had a bit of a set back yesterday, as I’ve been told my leg is infected, so I’m on antibiotics. At least I am able to walk around – not huge distances – but I can still get about and I’m not having to stay in bed all day – I think i would go crazy if that were the case!! Thanks for asking btw, it’s really kind of you.


  2. Wow, Sam, this is so beautiful! My Dad will love this shot. I always find water so peaceful (and traffic so insane, which is one of the reasons I love living in a small city with little traffic). Lovely sepia tones!


    • Thank you! I hope your Dad did like it…. I’m exactly the same – I find water to be peaceful, I think that’s why I love photographing it so much. Where I live, it’s about 30 minutes by ferry in to Sydney itself. The beach where I live isn’t allowed to have boats close to shore or anything, so I’m pretty fortunate to enjoy the traffic free water, it’s when you get nearer to Sydney centre – that’s when the traffic is going everywhere – in all directions. It made a pleasant change though.


  3. I’m with sunetseasoul. It was a good idea to go with these tones to emphasize the older vessel.


    • Thank you, I thought Sepia was right for this, black and white looked too harsh and with the sepia to emphasize the older vessel. that’s exactly what I wanted to do.


  4. It is great that you can take a ferry :-)) I love the tones.


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