Day 57 Wednesday 25th May 2011

By: smileonlife

May 25 2011

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Category: 365 days, Australia, Landscape Photography, Life, Manly, Photography, Seascapes, skyscape, Sydney


Focal Length:9.52mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Wind 1 – Samantha 0

Today it rained and rained and it was incredibly windy, especially by the coast.

It was very difficult trying to keep an umbrella up, though I was kind of secretly hoping that maybe I would take flight, so I battled the win…alas the wind won and I had to give up my battle, so I just got really wet, there wasn’t a lot I could do about it unfortunately. No flying for me….not today anyway.


12 comments on “Day 57 Wednesday 25th May 2011”

  1. so beautiful!! I LOOVE rainy windy weather..and if I happen to be near the ocean then that’s heaven. I like how this image is almost monochrome with just lots of textures of water..
    Also your title and caption made me laugh 🙂


  2. I really like this image. The overall blue doom look of the image and the impending crash of the choppy sea. Cool!
    I too always try to fly in high wind, I used to (and still sometimes do) put my coat up over my head to make a cape and jump thinking I would take off in a superman style way, crossing cities and countries and land in some new exotic place but, unfortunately, I’m yet to get a successful result.
    I hope your days get better!
    Astra Wally


  3. you’ve composed, designed a great blues mood!


  4. This reminds me of home. Makes me miss home.


  5. What a wild sea. I love it when it’s this feisty. The colors in this shot and the general atmosphere bring me happy memories, so thanks for posting it :).


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