Day 55 Monday 23rd May 2011

By: smileonlife

May 23 2011

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One Remains – The King of Chairs

It has been a 1 week since I last visited ‘The Room’ (Click here Day 48) and I was actually rather saddened to see that only the sofa remains. The other 2 chairs are in a broken heap ready to be taken away to a landfill site most likely. I really felt sad – how silly is that?

After the last month, I have become rather attached to these chairs – and to see them broken down as though their heart and soul had been ripped away from them saddened me. We have been on a journey together – all be it a short one.

The King of the chairs is still up there on the rock, overlooking the ocean – in its pride of place. I’m not sure how long it will stay there as I fear it will reach the same fate as the other chairs sooner or later. I’ll check on him tomorrow. Maybe I should sit in him all day? or chain myself to him so that no one takes him away!

I have to say, due to my leg operation on Friday, getting here, even though it is very close to where I live, was hard work as I had to walk across the beach, I took my time but I am tired now . Oh well, it was worth it.

Perhaps I should start a petition…”Save the King of Chairs”….


6 comments on “Day 55 Monday 23rd May 2011”

  1. You remind me of myself; when I’m emotionally upset, I can break into tears for the silliest reasons. We’re human, and it’s all part of our lives. I’d say enjoy the remaining couch until it passes away, and embrace the fact that the cycle of life means nothing is forever, so we have to enjoy what we’re given as much as we can.
    By the way, there’s an award waiting for you at my blog!


    • Thank you for understanding me! I know that I get attached to things/places very easily – it’s who I am and it’s because I care, even if it’s about some chairs lol. I think, at the moment I am extra ’emotional’ due to my operation and recovering from it etc…
      Thank you so much for the reward! It’s my first ever one – and for it to come from you, it means the world to me. Thank you so very much. You have made my day.


  2. I’m rather sad to hear that the chairs are gone too. It was certainly great too look at, though, I suppose, in the end, abandoned furniture in a public place really isn’t good…


  3. Oh no! Why did they do that? It was so cool!
    I’ll sign your petition 🙂


  4. […] remember how I mentioned on Monday that the 2 arm-chairs were now broken and were left in a heap ready for someone to take them away?, […]


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