Day 51 Thursday 19th May 2011

By: smileonlife

May 19 2011

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Category: 365 days, Abstract, Life, Nature Photography, Photography


Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


I liked the glossiness which really made the colours ‘pop’ compared to its neighbouring rocks that looked dull. The shine/wetness was caused by high tide.


7 comments on “Day 51 Thursday 19th May 2011”

  1. was it algae? those glossy green colored?


  2. Love it! The colors are so soothing, and the texture and glossiness of the rock make for an awesome composition.


    • Thanks so much, really glad you like it. I wasn’t feeling very inspired as I was due to go in to hospital and wasn’t really in the mood for taking photographs, so this was the best I could do.


  3. Is it an actual glossy rock, or is is water flowing down? Love the picture, by the way, you are so talented!


    • Thank you, this was taken just after high-tide so the rock was still wet from the ocean. I just really liked how glossy it looked and that it really brought out the colours.


  4. Good Call on this one. Colours that pop and nature are some of my favourite themes, so I like this one.


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