Day 47 Sunday 15th May 2011

I went on an adventure today, that saw me go on 4 ferries in total, around Sydney Harbour. I took over 400 photos during the day, hoping that I would have a good enough one to represent my day here in my 365 project. It turns out that I did and it happened to be 1 of the last photographs that I took of the day, so I needn’t have walked the miles that I had walked….oh well, I enjoyed myself and saw places that I hadn’t seen before, so all is good. Besides, how can I complain when I was able to witness this beauty of a sunset right before my very own eyes!


5 comments on “Day 47 Sunday 15th May 2011”

  1. awesome capture 😀


  2. That sure is a real beaut of a shot with the perfect foreground. 🙂


  3. Sometimes the best shots are the last ones!! Great shot!!! WOW!


  4. Sounds like a glorious way to spend a day!

    And, it’s a glorious photo!


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