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Day 63 Tueday 31st May 2011

Roped In

I went for a short walk today and I noticed this rope in the water. It appealed to my eyes, therefore I had to photograph it – it’s as simple as that.

Nowadays, I see everything as though I am photographing it. I wish I had cameras in my eyes! I see beauty in so many things. To me, this rope it is beautiful, I love the texture and how the colour has changed with the section which is constantly in contact with the water.

By now, I am sure you know about my love affair with photographing water. Each day, it mesmerises me, makes my heart skip a beat. I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere away from water, whether it’s a stream, river, ocean or lake. It’s part of me, like I think I’ve said before, I’m sure I don’t have blood running through my veins…I’m sure it’s water :)

Day 62 Monday 30th May 2011


Today has been a shocker of a day. I have spent the entire day waiting…seeing a Doctor….waiting….followed by ultrasound on my leg….followed by more waiting followed by seeing another Doctor. My leg that was operated on 11 days ago is infected unfortunately and I’ve also been told that I have some blood clots in my leg – it’s not DVT thankfully, but it’s painful none the less. So I’m now on antibiotics and I’m having to wear a really sexy(!) thigh high support stocking for the time being…lucky lucky me. I’ve walked lots (as advised to) since I had the op, walking doesn’t really cause much pain, but standing still….crikey does it hurt then. I’ve tried to grin and just get on with it, but today, it was hurting too much and knew that I had to get it checked out.

I was really hoping to return to my job this week but my Doctor has signed me off for 2 weeks. Then on my way home I remembered that I hadn’t taken a photograph of anything, it’s been raining the entire day and by the time I got home it was dark – I had no inspiration on what photo to take today – so this is the best I could come up with…I’m sorry.

It’s actually a lid from a bamboo steamer from my kitchen cupboard.

Sorry for the miserable post – I promise I will be more upbeat tomorrow. Everyone has an off day right??

Day 61 Sunday 29th May 2011

Feeling Forceful

I am really missing the blue skies we’ve had of late. For the last few days – it’s been grey, miserable and more like winter than autumn. I’m hoping the blue sky will return sooner rather than later. The ocean swell has been pretty big lately, allowing me to photograph some large splashes. The fence in this photo is made of stainless steel and you can actually see (not in the photo unfortunately) how it’s been bent by the sheer force of the water.

Speaking of force, last year, I stood in front of this fence with around 15 other people, with my waterproof camera and I held on for dear life as a massive wave approached. I wanted to capture the water – head-on. I actually ended up in the air and at the far end of the ocean pool that this fence surrounds. I wasn’t hurt – nor was anyone else fortunately. What’s ironic, is that I had the forethought to attach my house keys to something, so I wouldn’t lose them, however, a man noticed me taking photographs and he requested me to take some photographs on his behalf, after I’d finished, I unattached my keys and held them in my hand, I walked over to the man, to tell him I’d finished, but just as I did that, another wave came (this was whilst I was on the beach) and it knocked me over and there went my keys….. I was locked out for the day, no suncream, no towel, nothing….I had to wait until my partner arrived home and it cost me $60 to replace my keys. Even though that happened over a year ago, I still look for my keys…hoping that maybe they’ll turn up.

Day 60 Saturday 28th May 2011

Old & New Combined

Had an exhausting day today, which started off on Sydney Harbour – which is where this was taken, whilst on a ferry.

I love going on the ferry, it’s such a peaceful way to travel, far more relaxing than being stuck in traffic.

Day 59 Friday 27th May 2011

Don’t give up on me…

You remember how I mentioned on Monday that the 2 arm-chairs were now broken and were left in a heap ready for someone to take them away? well, it’s now Friday, I went back and this is what I found.

There’s quite a high-tide at the moment and I believe that it was carried in to the ocean pool by the current, I don’t think anyone threw it in.

It made me smile regardless of how it ended up there, it was almost as though it was saying…don’t give up on me – there’s life in the old dog yet! There I go with my imagination again….

Its partner in crime is still in its heap – looking rather sad for itself, I am sure it would like to be liberated and to swim also – perhaps the tide will be kind enough to oblige.

As for the King…he’s still up there, looking rather proud…for the time being.

On a completely different matter, I heard the best news … one of my closest, dearest friends gave birth to her first child on Thursday, I found out today. A little baby boy, both doing fine. I only wish that Australia wasn’t on the other side of the planet, so that I could meet him and give her and her husband a big hug. It’s such great news, which has made my day/week. I am elated for them. This is a day, I’ll never forget.

Day 58 Thursday 26th May 2011

Ocean Spray on an Autumn Day

I went for a walk along the coast today…Dr’s orders and all that…any excuse for me to photograph the ocean!

I love days like this – wrap up warm days. With the waves crashing against the rocks, I couldn’t really ask for more.

It was also a perfect day to clear the mind.

On a side note, for those who may be interested, where you can see the wave crashing, this is actually the place where I have taken previous photos – Day 18  and also Day 50 but in those photographs I was in front of the waves crashing. I love this area, it’s wild and beautiful.

Day 57 Wednesday 25th May 2011

Wind 1 – Samantha 0

Today it rained and rained and it was incredibly windy, especially by the coast.

It was very difficult trying to keep an umbrella up, though I was kind of secretly hoping that maybe I would take flight, so I battled the win…alas the wind won and I had to give up my battle, so I just got really wet, there wasn’t a lot I could do about it unfortunately. No flying for me….not today anyway.

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