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Day 30 Thursday 28th April 2011

Light & Darkness

Apparently, April this year here in Sydney has been the wettest in 8 years…to me, it didn’t feel all that bad. I like the rain, especially after really hot weather. It freshens everything up. Today was a grey day and the ocean was like a giant washing machine – with waves moving in all directions. Just as I took this, it started to rain, then there was a beautiful rainbow, the rainbow didn’t last long.

Day 25 Saturday 23rd April 2011

This was taken at a place called Booti Booti National Park. We’d had a terrible day to be honest, our car had broken down and we spent most of the day waiting….waiting at the side of the road for someone to hopefully come and fix our car….waing for the pick-up truck to arrive when the car couldn’t be fixed….waiting for a taxi to take us to another place to pick up a hire car. This photo was taken during the last hour of sunlight. That was all we had, about an hour of sunlight to enjoy, but it was worth it (I say through gritted teeth). Booti Booti National Park is a lovely place, situated on the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. After swimming in this water, I felt as though I had washed all the days anxieties/stresses away.

This was taken with my Canon underwater camera. I’m still getting used to it and still finding my feet with it. I really want to master the art of wave photography, it’s so difficult, photography water, whilst in the water. I got bashed a few times with large waves before I found a photo a photo I was happy with. I am pleased with this. :)

Day 24 Friday 22nd April 2011

It was so peaceful here, my partner and myself were the only people there. I didn’t want to leave. This is a beach where you can’t see the end it just goes on and on and on. This truly is a place where you can collect your thoughts and try to forget your worries.

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