Day 23 Thursday 21st April 2011

I’m sorry I am sharing 2 sunrises in 2 consecutive days, actually no, I’m not sorry…the sunrise was beautiful again today and I thought it may bring a little happiness to someone out there.

Mornings are my favourite part of the day, I am an early bird that is for sure. Everything is fresh and alive (except for the poor people who are not early birds – more night owls 😉 ) I do feel that I walk with a spring in my step at this time of day.

My favourite place first thing in the morning is being close to the ocean. Even if it’s not a ‘nice’ day, meaning it’s overcast or raining rather a lot, if you’re near the ocean in that kind of weather, it can create some pretty dramatic scenes.

So I thought I would share some more of my happiness around by choosing another sunrise as my photo for day 23.


8 comments on “Day 23 Thursday 21st April 2011”

  1. Gorgeous! I am a huge fan of both sunrises and sunsets!


  2. Your sunrises are wonderful. Need to make a plan and get out of bed early.


  3. Superb! I adour sunrises on the ocean, too. I only recently saw a sunset on the ocean, over on the Gulf of Mexico. But to witness the sunrise, the dawn, on the ocean, is one of my most thrilling pastimes! I love to watch the pelicans sail through the mint green barrels of the waves, and the splendourous aurific gold spill out from the rosy cloud…gorgeous shot. Such equisite beauty! Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Great shot! I love the sea in this picture, its colors and shapes are amazing!


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