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Day 23 Thursday 21st April 2011

I’m sorry I am sharing 2 sunrises in 2 consecutive days, actually no, I’m not sorry…the sunrise was beautiful again today and I thought it may bring a little happiness to someone out there.

Mornings are my favourite part of the day, I am an early bird that is for sure. Everything is fresh and alive (except for the poor people who are not early birds – more night owls ;) ) I do feel that I walk with a spring in my step at this time of day.

My favourite place first thing in the morning is being close to the ocean. Even if it’s not a ‘nice’ day, meaning it’s overcast or raining rather a lot, if you’re near the ocean in that kind of weather, it can create some pretty dramatic scenes.

So I thought I would share some more of my happiness around by choosing another sunrise as my photo for day 23.

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