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Day 22 Wednesday 20 April 2011

This morning I woke up at dawn and hoped that I would get a good photograph of a half decent sunrise. No sooner had I been walking on the beach, when a pelican flew over my head and decided to plonk itself right down by me.

It’s not very often that you see pelicans on Manly’s main beach. In fact, in almost 4 years – I have only seen 2 land in that time. (that’s not say that others haven’t landed – I just haven’t seen them).

And last night I kept pondering what was I going to photograph for my day 22 – I was somewhat lacking inspiration.

So I am so grateful for Mr Pelican who chose me as his beach buddy, I walked along side him for about 15 minutes. A friend of his also chose to drop by and join him for a while.

This is my favourite picture. I hope you like it.

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