Day 18 Saturday 16 April 2011

It really did feel like Autumn today, windy, cold, raining…but what made it feel mostly like Autumn was seeing the waves clash against each other and against the rocks, with the spray blowing in the wind. As my Mum says “it’s a good day to blow the old cobwebs out”. I breathed in some sea air for her today. We live at opposite ends of the world yet we are connected by water. I love water and I am sure that it is thanks to her. Mum always told me to respect the ocean and I do – I give the ocean my utmost respect.

Today I have to say wasn’t a day for playing in the waves, but to admire them from a safe distance. I really love days like these – for wrapping up warm, coffee and cuddles with the man I love. As you can probably tell, I’m in a sentimental, cosy mood today. All is well.


7 comments on “Day 18 Saturday 16 April 2011”

  1. I love the colors of the ocean in this shot, and the spray is nice, too. This shot reminds me of stormy days when I would dream of the sea and write stories about it.


  2. Great to know all is well and that the cold weather can still make you feel positive ! Absolutely LOVE the motion of the waves ! I could heart that crashing crescendo !


  3. I am so glad we are leaving winter behind us. If must be challenging to do this in winter. Do you get winter rain? We have grey skies and rain from December to March. Horrible to go out and take photos.


  4. […] can see the wave crashing, this is actually the place where I have taken previous photos – Day 18  and also Day 50 but in those photographs I was in front of the waves crashing. I love this […]


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