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Day 258 Monday 12th December 2011

Flying Low

Sorry not very good photo today…didn’t have any inspiration and I took this as I walked home after I finished work.

Manly Beach, Sydney NSW, Australia

Day 241 Friday 25th November 2011

Cloudiest week in more than a year

I heard on the news today – that since last Sunday, Sydneysiders have only seen 45 minutes of sunshine, making it the cloudiest week in more than a year!

For those who have followed my blog for a while, you will know how much I love seeing the sun – sunrises, sunsets, I honestly feel that the weather has penetrated my soul this week. I am over the grey skies! The weather forecast is better for Sunday, so hopefully, I will see some blue sky!

Day 240 Thursday 24th November 2011

Split Between

Today, was yet another day filled with grey sky and rain.

This photo was taken after my day at work – in a place called Curl Curl, Sydney, NSW

Day 238 Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Toothbrush Made for Giants

Today, it felt like winter.

After work today, I ventured in to the City – and came across something I had never seen before, as I walked in to a shopping centre, there was a contraption that you placed your wet umbrella in and it came out in a sealed bag – to seal the drops in – preventing slippery floors. Only problem was, I tried it and got my umbrella stuck – oops! I looked like a girl who didn’t belong! – and I didn’t!

I then went in to another place, where I felt lost and out of my comfort zone – I had an appointment at a beauty centre – for a facial, the only reason I went, was because I had a voucher that I’d had for almost a year and it was due to expire on Sunday and it was $280 value.

I consider myself to be a beachy girl, someone who is in their element when by the ocean, who feels alive, when close to water – a free spirit you could say, although, that being said, for one of my jobs, I have to dress in a corporate style, but out of work – I am a bit of a hippy/boho/rockabilly/’my style’ type of girl.

I had never stepped in to a place like this (and I was as nervous as hell if I’m honest) and when I sat there, patiently waiting for them to do, what ever it was they were going to do to my face, I felt my heart beating faster and I was almost at the point of making a mad dash for the lift – when I was called in to the room where they would work their magic upon my ugly face. They put lots of different things on my face, including what felt like a gigantic electric toothbrush (and actually smelt of toothpaste), I had to stop myself from laughing – because it wouldn’t have been appropriate – as the lady who was working her ‘magic’ was ever so serious about what she was doing.

After one hour of having allsorts placed upon my face, I did actually leave glowing and feeling rather free and happy.

I held myself back from skipping in the rain – though I almost did – mainly because I’d survived the toothbrush made for giants!

This photo was taken once I arrived home, in the pouring rain.

Day 233 Thursday 17th November 2011

Reflect on the Day

I started my day off waiting for a bus… as I waited (and waited) I watched an Indian Mynah Bird that was in a tree that’s branches cascaded above the road. Quite frequently, the bird would swoop down on to the road below and would approach something – something that I thought was just a leaf. It turned out to be another bird – that obviously fallen out of the tree. It sadly had died. I felt so sorry for both birds, more so for the one that was alive, because it obviously felt sorrow/sadness. I could see that it wanted its companion to move, but alas, it didn’t. I felt really sad.

The rest of my day was hectic at work, followed by another commute home – followed by peace at home.

This photo was taken after I returned home and then went out to the beach to photograph a rather gloomy, rainy day.

Day 225 Wednesday 09th November 2011

Sunrise in Black & White

Thought I’d try something a little different for today’s post – a sunrise in black & white. I hope you like it.

Taken in Manly, Sydney, Australia

Day 219 Thursday 03rd November 2011


Taken at Manly Beach, Sydney NSW, Australia

Day 207 Saturday 22nd October 2011


Today, we headed up to the Central Coast of NSW house hunting, we saw a couple of houses that we liked but not as much as one that we have had our eye on for some time now, we’ll have to see what happens, but everything happens for a reason right?

This photo was taken as we were heading back to Sydney, there was a beautiful sunrise, unfortunately though, there was nowhere safe to stop the car, so I’m afraid, you’ll have to take my word for it.

Day 205 Thursday 20th October 2011

Time to Relax

Today was my first day back at work after a few days off and what a busy day it was. It was nice to come home and watch the surfers and all the people unwinding – just like me.

Day 199 Friday 14th October 2011

Time for a Break!!!

After a long week, today after work we headed on a road trip, down the south coast of NSW, Australia. We drove for about 4 hours and stopped in a little town called Mollymook. This photograph was taken before we arrived there. This was part one of a two-part journey…the second part comes tomorrow…..

Day 190 Wednesday 05th October 2011


Today was my last day house/dog sitting, after almost 2 weeks, I really enjoyed my time in Newport, especially viewing scenes like this at the end of a long day.

Day 185 Friday 30th September 2011

No Time

Ah, I will be glad when this week is over. I feel as though I’ve had no time to do anything for me, including taking photographs. I’m afraid, this photo is all I have to offer for today.

My partner was supposed to arrive back tonight, but his flight was cancelled/diverted and instead of landing in Sydney, it landed in Brisbane, so he’s away for yet another night and it now digs in to the long weekend here, which to be honest, I’m a bit fed up about. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. Sorry for all the moaning this week, I just feel exhausted and alone – apart from my 4 legged friend, who by the way, gives the best greetings!! :)

Day 183 Wednesday 28th September 2011


Today, I have to say, I have had no inspiration to take any photographs. I’ve really struggled. I guess, having to get up at 5am every day now, so that I can take Fudge out for a walk and get 2 buses to work and 2 buses back, isn’t really helping me.

I feel exhausted to tell you the truth. Having 2 jobs, which are completely different and with the extra commute and the early mornings is beginning to take its tole on me. I really feel like I need a break.

Day 182 Tuesday 27th September 2011

A Place to Contemplate

Today, my partner went to Perth, Western Australia. He has left me for a few days, whilst I look after his colleagues home and dog (!) He went on business.

It felt strange tonight, walking in to someone elses home, looking after someone elses dog, whilst my man is off gallivanting across Australia! All I can say is, I hope he brings be back something nice! – a smile will do :)

Today is my half way mark!! I have done this for 6 months now! :-) Woo hoo!!!!

Day 181 Monday 26th September 2011

Out & About

Today, I spent the majority of my afternoon taking photographs for my job again. I love getting out of the office. It’s so good getting away from the computer.

This is a photo of some bushland that I came across. Sorry nothing very exciting for today’s post I’m afraid.

Day 180 Sunday 25th September 2011


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am currently dog and house sitting. This is the dog that I am looking after. He’s called Fudge, I think he’s just over 1 years old. He has an amazing temperament.

This photo was taken whilst taking Fudge for a walk on the local beach. It had rained heavily all day. Mid afternoon there was a break in the rain and so we grabbed the opportunity to take him out and for him to burn off some energy! Also, for us to breathe in some fresh ocean air and blow the cobwebs out in the wind.

Day 165 Saturday 10th September 2011

“Are You Looking at Me??”

Today, we went for a random drive, with no set destination, we just wanted to go somewhere and we found some beautiful countryside and in one particular field, were several Highland Cows (not sure if they know that they’re not in Scotland). I loved this one in particular.

Day 164 Friday 09th September 2011


As we have so much rain during the last couple of days, I decided I’d try another water droplets photograph. This was taken before my work, in a local park, balancing the camera in one hand, with my umbrella in my other and 2 bags on my shoulder.

Quite pleased with this one.

Day 163 Thursday 08th September 2011

Heavens Above

This was taken on my way to work this morning. As you can tell by this photograph, it was a rather wet, cold, miserable day. To tell you the truth, I’ll be glad when it is over. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I am so tired!!

Day 140 Tuesday 16th August 2011

My friend the Kookaburra – 2nd day…

Firstly, my apologies for not uploading this until today (Thursday) my laptop was in a thousand pieces on my dining room table (my partner fixed it – and it took a few days) so I was unable to upload the photographs that I’ve taken since Tuesday, but now I can :-)

My friend the Kookaburra joined me in my lunch break again today – I wasn’t having the best of mornings, I had half an hour lunch, I went to my secret garden and lo and behold, there was my friend…perched patiently waiting for me (well, that’s what I thought anyway) I didn’t eat…I just sat and watched him for the entire half hour. I returned to my desk, feeling calm, relaxed and rather tranquil.

Day 121 Thursday 28th July 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Todays photograph is very different to the one that I took this time last week. Lat week this field was water-logged and the day was filled with rain and grey clouds. Today, on the other hand was filled with sunshine and blue sky, just a pity that I gad to spend most of the day in an office.

Day 120 Wednesday 27th July 2011


This is a night shot of Manly, that I took on my way home from work.

Day 114 Thursday 21st July 2011


For over 24 hours, it has rained here constantly, – and when I it ’s rained I mean it has poured down. I ended up coming home this evening, with shoes full of water.

This photo is of a local field which I try to walk around when I can. Today, it wasn’t really possible as it was more like a paddy field than a sports field. The butterflies that you can see aren’t real – though I wish they were, instead, they are butterflies that are on my umbrella – which was the very first thing that I bought when I first moved to Australia. I bought this umbrella, because it brings a little bit of happiness on miserable days like today. It’s bright blue and the butterflies are vivid beautiful colours. I somehow prefered this photo in black and white.

Day 113 Wednesday 20th July 2011

Opening Night of Exhibition – Insight Out

Tonight was the opening night of the exhibition that I am currently in (along with other artists) called Insight Out at TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney. The exhibition is running until the 31st July.

This photo is of 2 of my 3 exhibits.

The opening night was fantastic. A couple of hundred people must have turned up. I feel very proud to be part of something like this.

Day 106 Wednesday 13th July 2011


The ocean is wild here at the moment, it’s almost a full moon and the tide is high. As I was taking this photograph, I got absolutely soaked from the wave splashing against the rock I was cowering by. Good job that I was using my waterproof camera!

Last night, I was taking more photographs, just as the sun had gone down and I was standing on some steps because the tide had come in so much, there was nowhere else to stand. In the end, I had to make a mad run for it. Once I’d got to a safe area, there was an elderly gentleman who beckoned me over to him. I didn’t know him, however, I ended up standing with him for over an hour…..we were both dodging the tide as it crept up over the sand and we watched the moonlight dancing on the waves.

He was in awe of the water as much as me – if not more. We watched as the waves grew bigger and bigger and both cheered as we saw waves out the back preparing to crash on to the beach. It was magnificent. He drew maps in the sand of where he’d seen big waves the day before. He hopped from one foot to the other, because he was unable to stand still, due to pain in his legs.

With him, he had a tiny suitcase. I’ve no idea where he came from. I enjoyed the company of this dear elderly man. He told me that today – the tide would be even higher and we arranged to meet up again to watch the waves. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see him. I hope that one day, our paths will meet again and we can watch the moonlight dancing on the waves and laugh and cheer as the waves crash all around us.

So even though, I didn’t get to see him today, Richard – this one is for you.

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