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After 365…Archive 12



This shot was taken on Sydney Harbour, at a beach called Clontarf. I love starfish, for some reason, they make me smile.

After 365….Archive 10


Wild Kangaroo

Came across this beauty, back in December. :-)

After 365…Archive 9



I love kookaburras, they make me smile, I love their call….for it sounds more like a monkey than it does a bird song.

This shot was taken in Sydney a couple of months go. Do you remember a shot I took of a kookaburra with the light on its wings, staring out across Sydney Harbour, looking across to the City? Well, this was the same beautiful bird. Haven’t they got beautiful eyes!

After 365…. Archive 5


Wild Goanna

This is a photo that I took whilst we were camping over Christmas, of a wild goanna, that came very close to our tent. I think it’s really beautiful!

After 365… Archive 1


Little Yellow Bird

As promised, here’s the photo of the little yellow bird that I took last weekend, but I chose another photo that I took on the same day to represent my day, in the 365 project.

Today was the first day in a year that I haven’t taken a photo and I must say, it feels really strange!

Over the next week, I will share some photos, like this one, of shots that I took during my 365 project, but didn’t make it in to the project itself. They will be put on here in no particular order… After or maybe during Easter, I will start my 365 project part 2, so stay posted. :-)

Day 361 Saturday 24th March 2012

A Day of Tranquility


Today has been such a lovely day, as went to a place called The Forest of Tranquility, which is located on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia, where we went for a 5km walk and then had a picnic.

Afterwards, we drove back along the coast and stopped off at a lake which is where I took this photo. Both the water and sky were so blue.

If I hadn’t taken this shot, my other choice for today,would have been a photo that I took of a yellow bird…it was really beautiful. Perhaps I will share with you, after my 365 project comes to an end.

This photo, of the pelicans ties in really with me and my passion of water, of peace and well….tranquility.

Day 358 Wednesday 2012


Out Came the Landing Gear…

It only took me 2 hours to get home today, so I made the most of my time and went to the local beach, hoping to photograph another sunset.

There I was, sitting on a rock, watching and listening to the waves and also looking up at the sky every now and again….monitoring how much longer I’d need to wait before the sky would start to change colour.

I had taken quite a few shots, of the cloud formation and was all poised, ready to take another shot, when right in my view came this rather haphazard pelican, who landed rather clumsily but then composed itself and went about its business….of floating and doing, well nothing really!

I am really pleased with this shot and as I uploaded it onto here, I couldn’t help but smile….I hope it has the same effect on you. :-)

You can also see that the clouds were just starting to change colour too….btw it was a nice sunset!

Day 329 Tuesday 21st February 2012


Time for a Feed

I left work early today, so that I could get to my physio appointment on time. On my way home, I was taking some photographs of the lagoon here. As I walked past the local petrol station, I heard a lot of birds making a lot of noise, there must have been about 20 wild rainbow lorikeets sitting on a fence eating breadcrumbs that someone had obviously left out for them.

I rather like this shot, of how the first bird is the main focus again….this one is a bit different to the other lorikeet shots I have captured previously on this 365 journey of mine.
I hope you like it.

Day 318 Friday 10th February 2012


Berry Nice

I took this shot whilst in the car at some traffic lights (passenger by the way). This cockatoo seemed to be enjoying feasting on the berries.

Day 315 Tuesday 07th February 2012


Look Up

This week, I’ve been working half days, due to my back. I had a physio appointment this afternoon. This photo was taken on my walk home.

Day 311 Friday 03rd February 2012


3’s a Crowd

My back is feeling a lot better today. I went to see my physio and I had ultra sonic treatment and some thing else that felt good, another machine, I don’t remember the name. My physio also re-strapped my back. Good news is, I can start work again on Monday, doing half days, as I sit at a desk all day and sitting is what causes me the most pain. I also have to get more physio on Tuesday.

As I looked out from the kitchen window on to the driveway and garden, I saw 6 cockatoos eating things that had fallen from our tree. I was about to take a photo of one in particular, when a lady walked by with a dog, the birds didn’t hang about and so flew in to a nearby tree, this a shot of some of them there. It did make me think of the phrase “3’s a crowd ” :)

Day 309 Wednesday 01st February 2012


My Encounter on a Short Walk

I have spent the majority of today lying down, resting my back. I was in agony again this morning, however, as the day went on, the pain has subsided which is good.

I went for a very short walk this afternoon and came across this beautiful bird, which was being harassed by several mynah birds, that kept swooping down on to him. Poor thing!

Day 290 Friday 13th January 2012

something to Look At


After a long day at work, I headed to a place on Sydney Harbour called Bradleys Head, which is whereI took this photograph of the kookaburra as it landed on the branch.

Sydney Harbour, NSW, Australia

Day 283 Friday 06 January 2012


Flying Pelican

I don’t have much to say about today, other than the majority of the day was spent packing more and more boxes.

This photo was taken just around the corner from where I live. This pelican was about to land….to meet up with its friends – a couple of floating pelican’s on the lagoon.

Manly, NSW, Sydney, Australia

Day 272 Monday 26th December 2011

Mini Road-trip

Today, we decided to go on a mini road-trip a couple hundred kilometres in all. We didn’t have a destination in mind, just thought we’d see where the road would take us.

We ended up in another National Park called Crowdy Bay, which was really lovely, lots of beautiful coastline.

Part of the National Park is a place called Diamond Head, which is another beach area. We went for a short walk, on a track that ended up at a viewing platform.

Upon our return, as we were walking along the track we had company! This female kangaroo and her joey decided to accompany us for quite a lot of the way. They actually dictated our speed as we didn’t want to startle them. We must have stayed with them for a good ten minutes. How lucky we’re we!!


Day 269 Friday 23rd December 2011


Surfing Dolphins

Today has been such a relaxing day, spent mostly on the beach.

As I was preparing breakfast, my partner called me outside. High up in a tree was a goanna, which looked like he’d got himself stuck, well, maybe not stuck, but he was having a bit of a hard time deciding how he was going to get himself down! It turns out that whilst eating breakfast, we saw a couple of other goannas, this time safely on the ground. One got spooked by something and ran right towards a tree that was next to our tent, so that he could scurry up it, out of harms way. The only problem for the goanna was that we had propped a surfboard at the base of the tree and a bodyboard against the trunk, so the poor goanna ended trying to scramble across the surfboard, but he wasn’t going anywhere, because it was slippery! Eventually he managed to make his way up the tree. It was pretty funny, like a cartoon.

As we arrived on the beach (which is a 5 minute walk from our tent) I looked out at the ocean and straight away, the first thing I saw was a pod of dolphins surfing in the waves! They were so beautiful to watch. We were so lucky! especially as the beach goes on for as far as the eye can see and we were the only people there.

At the moment, as I write this, there are only a few other tents here, though I’m sure as Christmas day gets closer, it will inevitably get busier, so for now, we are going to enjoy the peace and quiet whilst we have it.

Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

Day 264 Sunday 18th December 2011

Starfish in Numbers

You may recall a post of mine from a few weeks ago that showed 3 starfish….well, today I went back to the same place andI was greeted by these beautiful starfish, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them.

Clontarf, Sydney HArbour, NSW, Australia


Day 260 Wednesday 14th December 2011

Waiting for a Train

I was waiting for a train this afternoon when I saw this cockatoo in the tree nearby, perhaps it was tired of flying and wanted to catch a train too?!

Day 254 Thursday 08th December 2011

Wet & Hungry

I felt so sorry for this little fella, he was absolutely soaked in raindrops. At first, I thought he wasn’t alive, because he was just soaked through. He was on the table that I was sat at, in the local park close to my work.

After last weeks poor butterfly, I saw this caterpillar and I sighed quietly to myself.

About ten minutes later – he started hurrying towards me, as I was eating my salad sandwich. A piece of lettuce had dropped on to the table and this little chap decided that he was going to get a free meal.

Day 228 Saturday 12th November 2011

Step on to the Light

The weekend is finally here, that’s a reason to smile!

Today, we headed up to the Central Coast of NSW, Australia to look again at a house that we are interested in, it would be so nice if we could be in a house before Christmas – time will tell.

This photo was taken, after we arrived back in Sydney. We stopped at a beach, for a swim and a bit of chill-out time. This Pelican was close to where our car was parked.

Day 222 Sunday 06th November 2011

Introducing my New Friend….Gilbert

Had a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon today. We went to a beach called Clareville beach, Sydney. Where I read some of a book I’ve been trying to find the time to read. Went swimming, took lots of photographs of all of the boats that were moored around the area. One of these photographs was going to be my photo for today, however, this little chap decided to make my top its temporary home. I’ve no idea what it was, but it was about an inch long and was paper-thin and was honestly adorable.

Day 204 Wednesday 19th October 2011

Wild Wallaby Joey

Today, unfortunately is the last day of our trip. This joey and her mother stayed around by our tent for the majority of our stay, she in fact, is the one who entered our tent yesterday. The joey was so incredibly sweet. For a lot of our days, we spent our time, just watching the wildlife, including this joey and others – as their Mums allowed them out of their pouches and we watched them take tiny steps – hopping around as if to impress Mum. They truly were cute and beautiful.

In my other posts, I’ve mentioned how we had a night-time visitor – a possum, well last night – he exceeded himself. I came out of bedroom to find carnage…he’d managed to open the tent up in the night (he worked out that we had a dodgy zip and that if he pressed himself against it, he could open the tent up) he ate half a packed of cheese crackers, some marshmallows that were in a sealed bag, some tortilla chips and the thing I was most upset about was the fact that he ate an entire family sized bar of chocolate – that hadn’t even been opened, it was still in its foil, then wrapped in cardboard!! All he left us was mess, including pee, poo and crumbs everywhere – and I mean everywhere.

We now have a long journey ahead to get back to Sydney to go to work tomorrow – :(

Day 203 Tuesday 18th October 2011

Seal of Approval

Today has to be one of the best days of our short trip. Today, we went whale watching and also to view some wild Australian Fur Seals on an island 9kms from the mainland of NSW, Australia.

We were on a relatively small boat, with just one other couple, plus the Skipper whose name was Wazza, who was very passionate about his job.

I have to say, in the last 4 years, we’ve been on around 6 to 8 humpback whale watching trips and have always only seen tail slapping and their ‘humps’. Today was very very different, I actually lost count of the amount of times we saw whales breach, right before us. I was in absolute awe and in my heaven. I seriously could not stop smiling. I have to say though, because I was so awe-struck, I didn’t take any photographs of them breaching, I was too busy enjoying them.

After following a whale and her calf for quite some time, we then made our way to this island that is home to Australian Fur Seals. They were so amazing. Many of them plopped off the rocks they were resting on, to come over to our boat, almost as though they were trying to say hello.

I will never forget today.

Day 202 Monday 17th October 2011

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon…

This is where we have spent the last few days camping…can’t get much more peaceful than this.

These Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Redneck Wallabies were lying about in the mid afternoon sun, relaxing after a long day and night of well…not doing too much.

Speaking of wallabies…I was photographing a wallaby and her joey that were by the entrance of our tent, busy eating grass. I sat on the floor, so that I could take some photos of them and then I decided to video them. No sooner had I started videoing, the wallaby decided to venture in to our tent! She then used my lap to help her get up near the table where I had prepared some salad. Cheeky lady!! :) I ended up calling out to my partner so that he could help move her on her way, bless her.

We had another possum visitor in our tent during the night, this time, he helped himself to carrots and licked the humous bowl clean!

Day 200 Saturday 15th October 2011

Wild Wallaby & Her Joey

This beautiful wallaby and her joey were there to greet us as we arrived at our final destination today of our few days away. It’s a beautiful part of NSW and it’s where we’ve seen the most wild wallabies and kangaroos since we moved to Australia.

Kangaroos and wallabies weren’t the only wildlife that we encountered today, we also came across our first wild snake – a red bellied black snake – not one to mess with!! Thankfully, we were in the safety of our car at the time. It was beautiful mind.

Going back to todays photo…how cute is the joey?!!

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