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After 365….Archive 4


Beautiful Manly

This was one of the beautiful sunrises I was fortunate to see in Manly, Sydney, Australia.

Happy days!

Day 353 Friday 16th March 2012


2 Skies

It was a beautiful day today. It felt more like Summer than Autumn.

As my day was spent in an office, without having an opportunity to see natural light, when I finally did get an opportunity, I grabbed it with both hands and feet, and boy did the sky have some impressive light to show me, once I had finished my train commute.

This was taken in a place called Gosford, NSW, Australia. Apparently, they are predicting storms tonight and I think they may be right.

Anyway, I hope you like the reflections.

Day 345 Thursday 08th March 2012


My Perfect End to a Day

I had such a full on day at work today, but thankfully my commute home only took just over an hour, which meant that I was able to get to my local beach, before it got dark.

The waves today were incredible and there was some amazing surfing going on, mostly by little boys who only looked about 8 years old, yet there they were…out there in the big surf, full of confidence and enthusiasm and they showed no fear.

Not only was the water breath taking to look at, but so was their surfing. For the first time today, I felt alive! That is the power the ocean has over me, I really mean that.

Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

Day 331 Thursday 23rd February 2012


Blue Sky

Such a beautiful day today…..

Day 296 Thursday 19th January 2012


Moving Day

What a day today has been! So many mixed emotions…from feeling sad to be leaving where we have lived for the past 3 years to moving to my first ever house and a new beginning!

I was hoping and praying that I would be able to see one last sunrise in Manly and this photo is of it. I was able to take this before the removal men arrived (they came at 6:45am). The men were amazing I have to say. Nothing was too much trouble, not once did I here them moan or complain and they were super quick, considering they were being paid an hourly rate.

By 10am, they had finished loading the truck and we said that we would meet them at our new house, as we had to collect the keys for the house from the real estate guy and get the final completion done.

We drove to to Avoca Beach, went into the office, were told by a phone call that the house was indeed ours, then the key was given to us, along with a bucket filled to the brim with goodies from the agent, I then got emotional, gave him a big hug and that was it….I am now a house owner!!

The removal men were there in our garden, lying on the grass waiting for us, we opened up and they moved us in.

Goodbye Manly….hello Avoca Beach

Day 295 Wednesday 18th January 2012


Last Night in Manly

Tonight is my last night in Manly. I have loved living here and truth be told, I am desperately going to miss it, but I can always come back and visit right? Besides, tomorrow, we start a new chapter in our lives….

This photo is of just some of the boxes that we have packed, rady for our move tomorrow. Afraid it’s not a lovely sunrise or us set, but it represents my life….right now.

Day 294 Tuesday 17th January 2012


Only a Few Remain

I am very conscious of the fact that I have only a few more days left to watch the sunrise from my apartment, before we move on Thursday. This is something that I am going to massively miss. Time permitting in the mornings, I will hopefully be able to get to my local beach to photograph the sun rising over the ocean, I guess time will tell with routines etc…

For now, I am making the most of what I have got!

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 293 Monday 16th January 2012


Sunrise, Manly, NSW, Australia

I don’t have all that much to say today, other than this was a good start to my week.

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW Australia

Day 292 Sunday 15th January 2012


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Today, I needed to get out of the apartment to get some fresh air…and boy did I get it! The wind was mighty powerful today, especially where this photo was taken.

Curl Curl NSW Australia

Day 291 Saturday 14th January 2012


The Colour of the Ocean

This morning, more packing was done and then we took the afternoon off, to go to a water polo match and then on our way home, I wanted to get a photo of the ocean, so we stopped off at a place called Freshwater, which is just around the corner from where I live right now. Freshwater is where this photo was taken. I hope you like it.

Day 289 Thursday 12 January 2012


Long Day Ahead

I have so much going on in my life right now, I don’t know which way to turn… Packing, getting ready to move, first day back today at my 2nd job, more packing tonight…I will be glad when this move is over and I can start to enjoy our new home.

Knowing that I was going to have a busy day, my partner and I stopped here with a takeaway coffee before our work day commenced.

It was so nice to have something beautiful to look at, something to make me feel, umm….good! I’m so tired, I’m hardly sleeping, I’ve lost my appetite (which isn’t a bad thing!!). Sorry for the whine, but if like me you’re having a stressful time at the moment, I hope my photo can bring you a little peace….just imagine yourself here, transport yourself to Australia….just for a while! I am lucky…I know and writing this has just reminded me of how lucky I am, now time to head back to the office and back to work I go!

Day 288 Wednesday 11th January 2012


Manly Sunrise

I ran out of my apartment this morning to watch the sunrise. It dawned on me (pardon the pun) that I’ve only got a week of sunrises to see in Manly. It’s probably going to be one of the greatest things that I am going to miss when we move next week, seeing the ocean from our apartment and seeing sunrises in Manly.

I’ve got to enjoy them whilst I still can!!

Day 287 Tuesday 10th January 2012


Talking Sky

I ran in every direction to get this photograph, trying to find a good spot, the sky was absolutely incredible! It’s not very often we get a good sunset in Manly, it’s always sunrises! This was the exception!

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 286 Monday 09th January 2012


Put Some Sparkle in Your Life

Today was my first day back at work after the Christmas break. At first, it felt strange being back, though by mid morning, I felt like I hadn’t been away.

After a long day, I arrived back in Manly and went for a swim in Sydney Harbour and it was absolutely glorious!!

The water was so incredible clear and warm.

Manly, Sydney, NSW Australia

Day 285 Sunday 08th January 2012


Feeling Stressed

Today is my last day of my Christmas break, tomorrow I go back to work and there is still so much to do, regarding packing, cleaning, moving etc. I have tried to do as much as I can today, IT ow feel mentally and physically exhausted. It’s true what they say…moving is one of the most stressful times in your life.

I just took 5 minutes out and went across to the beach to take my photo for today. I am going to miss Manly so much.

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 282 Thursday 05th January 2012



Today, we headed up to our new home, the first time we’ve been in it, since it was sold to us. We did a lot of measuring up and spent an hour discovering things. I am going to need to get an Australian gardening book, as there are so many plants in the garden, most of them, I don’t know what they are. We have a huge gum tree in the back garden and 2 large trees in the garden, which instantly make me happy!

We can’t wait to move now… 2 weeks today!!

This photo was taken back in Manly, there was plenty of sheet lightning to be seen and it was a rather dramatic storm, that I was fortunate to look at indoors.

Day 278 Sunday 01 January 2012

Fireworks bring in 2012 Sydney

Just returned home after seeing the spectacular firework display over Sydney Harbour. It was breathtaking to watch. We saw 2012 in with hundreds of thousands of other people who came to Sydney Harbour to see the show. It was well worth the effort of catching a bus in to the City.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2012 be a happy, healthy year for you and may your wishes be granted!


Day 267 Wednesday 21st December 2011

It’s Going to be a good day…

Today is my last day at work until 09th January! I’m so excited and looking forward to having some time out. I don’t think that there’ll be toooo much work going on today mind, as this afternoon, my department are heading off to play golf, which will be a first for me as I have never in my life played golf before, so this afternoon should be interesting!!! We’re then heading to Sydney Harbour for a meal, so all in all, it should be a good day, especially starting like this, it was so great to watch the sunrise this morning.


Day 266 Tuesday 20th December 2011

Almost Christmas

I was hoping on a nice sunny start to my day, alas….this is all I have to give I’m afraid.


Day 265 Monday 19th December 2011


100 Days to Go…

Today, it has been quite a milestone….as I only have 100 days left of this project! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone and I can’t believe what a journey this has been, it has become part of my life as have the people who have followed me on my trials and tribulations and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, it means a lot to me that my photographs mean something to someone else other than me. This blog and those who read it has/have really impacted my life in such a positive way, thank you!

Now going back to today’s photograph, this was taken after a very long at work. I made it home just in time because a few moments after this was taken, the heavens opened, thankfully, I could see that there was a large storm brewing, however, there was a small group of unsuspecting people, who got soaked.

Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 264 Sunday 18th December 2011

Starfish in Numbers

You may recall a post of mine from a few weeks ago that showed 3 starfish….well, today I went back to the same place andI was greeted by these beautiful starfish, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them.

Clontarf, Sydney HArbour, NSW, Australia


Day 263 Saturday 17th December 2011



Today, I spent the day with my partner in Sydney which was followed by me being a spectator for 2 hours as he played 2 consecutive games of water polo. I admire the strength and determination required by each player.

Day 262 Friday 16th December 2011

I wish more days were like this…

Today, I started my day on the Manly Ferry, which is where I took this photo, as I waited for the ferry to depart. Sitting on a ferry for half an hour as it sailed across Sydney Harbour was a good start to my day!

Day 261 Thursday 15th December 2011

Where Summer Belongs

This is how each day should begin at this time of year…afterall, it is Summer here, in the Southern hemisphere. However, of late, the weather has been pretty awful, most days have been filled with grey clouds and rain. I wonder when Summer is planning on making an appearance.

Manly Beach, Sydney NSW, Australia

Day 260 Wednesday 14th December 2011

Waiting for a Train

I was waiting for a train this afternoon when I saw this cockatoo in the tree nearby, perhaps it was tired of flying and wanted to catch a train too?!

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