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Day 344 Wednesday 08th March 2012


Flower Power

After along day filled with facts and information and what felt like an even longer journey I home, it was nice to see these flowers coming to life in the garden. I am not sure what they are, I think they may belong to the onion family as that is what they smell of.

Day 339 Friday 02nd March 2012


Natures Offerings

With such a busy day and with even more rain, I am afraid this is the best photograph I could take for today. It’s an offering from one of our trees and they (the offerings) are at the moment, covering our driveway, which is driving my partner insane because as soon as he sweeps them up, they start falling again, so it’s a never ending job. it doesn’t help that cockatoos land in the tree, eat part of the seeds and then just drop them. I find it rather amusing, because, cooking/cleaning is a never ending job too….welcome to my world :)

Day 336 Tuesday 28th February 2012


Abstract Leaf in BLack and White

I have been so busy at work. It feels as though each day seems to merge with another, especially with the long commute that I am having to do at the moment.I feel as though my days consist of waking up, commuting, working, commuting, cooking, sleeping waking up,commuting, working,cooking, sleeping and so on and so forth. I can’t wait for my second job to end at the end of March so that I can start concentrating on my photography and truly making a career for myself!

I feel as though I owe it to myself to finally do something that I want to do! Is that selfish of me? I wonder….

Day 333 Saturday 25th February 2012


Flower Power

These beautiful flowers have been popping up all around our garden and we have no idea what they are, they are stunning though….that’s ne thing I do know!

Day 331 Thursday 23rd February 2012


Blue Sky

Such a beautiful day today…..

Day 330 Wednesday 22nd February 2012



Taken in my garden

Day 329 Tuesday 21st February 2012


Time for a Feed

I left work early today, so that I could get to my physio appointment on time. On my way home, I was taking some photographs of the lagoon here. As I walked past the local petrol station, I heard a lot of birds making a lot of noise, there must have been about 20 wild rainbow lorikeets sitting on a fence eating breadcrumbs that someone had obviously left out for them.

I rather like this shot, of how the first bird is the main focus again….this one is a bit different to the other lorikeet shots I have captured previously on this 365 journey of mine.
I hope you like it.

Day 328 Monday 20th February 2012


Abstract Passionfruit Flower

This one’s a little different for me, I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired today. That being said, it was pleasing to come home after a long day at work and find this glorious passionfruit flower in our garden….I can’t wait for the fruit to arrive!

Day 326 Saturday 18th February 2012



Today has been a magical today, for today I was whisked away to Sydney for the weekend as part of my Christmas present from my lovely partner.

Enroute, we stopped off at a beautiful park and had a lovely picnic, which is where I took this photo. After our picnic, we headed to our hotel, we were on the 32nd floor and had amazing views of the harbour and skyscrapers. The highlight of the day though, was we went to see the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera – Love Never Dies. It was an Australian production, and it reduced me to tears – it was that good. I have always loved Phantom and a few years ago, my lovely man took me to see it, also in Sydney as a surprise for my birthday, I also have strong connections with it, from my Grandfather and also my Mum,so you see, today was very special to me. I felt like a Princess today and can’t stop smiling.

Day 325 Friday 17th February 2012



Ah, this morning is a beauty of a morning….blue sky and a beautiful sunrise, just a shame I have to go to work and can’t enjoy the sunshine upon my skin, hopefully tomorrow the day will be kind and will be sunny too.

Day 324 Thursday 16th February 2012


Reflect on the Day

Just took this shot on our way home from work, I’m actually writing this in the car. Something about seeing reflections in water….they instantly relax me. Perfect end to a long day in the office.

Day 323 Wednesday 15th February 2012


Same Place

I took this just a short time ago whilst enroute to work. It was taken in the same place as yesterday’s post. Right now, it seems the best location for me to see/photograph sunrises. I hope maybe at the weekend that I will go to the local beach to capture the sunrise.

Day 322 Tuesday 14th February 2012



I love today, not because it’s Valentines Day (well maybe I wish I could say that) but then again…spending over an hour in a car with my partner on our commute and he only said Happy Valentines Day to me only after the man on the radio said “Happy Valentines Day to those who haven’t been wished already a Happy Valentines Day!” My partner would have been better off in my books saying nothing….obviously it was a heart-felt Happy Valentines from him!!

So…going back to the reason why I love today, I love today because of this photo and the beauty that I witnessed enroute to work. Seeing such an amazing sunrise truly makes me feel alive and for this reason…..I love today.

Day 321 Monday 13th February 2012


A Different World

This photo was taken as the day was coming to an end. The sky was rather surreal….what you see in this photo are layers of different clouds, mostly one massive cloud with a hole in it, where other smaller clouds appeared.

I felt rather insignificant and tiny whilst I looked up at this dramatic sky.

Day 319 Saturday 11th February 2012


Stillness Reflects

It was a day full of change as far as weather goes today. The day started off with blue sky and then the sky turned black with thunderstorms and heavy rain. A couple of hours later, this was the sky again.
We’ve had so much rain recently, it makes you really appreciate the times like this….blue sky and peace, calm.

Day 318 Friday 10th February 2012


Berry Nice

I took this shot whilst in the car at some traffic lights (passenger by the way). This cockatoo seemed to be enjoying feasting on the berries.

Day 315 Tuesday 07th February 2012


Look Up

This week, I’ve been working half days, due to my back. I had a physio appointment this afternoon. This photo was taken on my walk home.

Day 313 Sunday 05th February 2012



I really had a tough choice on deciding which photo I would place her today, as I had another one which was quite unique, of the lagoon here that I took shortly before this one. The difference with the lagoon shot, was that it was really misty. I took this on my early morning walk, about an hour ago.

This shot, I like because it’s my Mums birthday today and though we are far, far away from each other, I’d like to dedicate this photo to her, so Happy Birthday Mum!

Avoca Lagoon, Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

Day 311 Friday 03rd February 2012


3’s a Crowd

My back is feeling a lot better today. I went to see my physio and I had ultra sonic treatment and some thing else that felt good, another machine, I don’t remember the name. My physio also re-strapped my back. Good news is, I can start work again on Monday, doing half days, as I sit at a desk all day and sitting is what causes me the most pain. I also have to get more physio on Tuesday.

As I looked out from the kitchen window on to the driveway and garden, I saw 6 cockatoos eating things that had fallen from our tree. I was about to take a photo of one in particular, when a lady walked by with a dog, the birds didn’t hang about and so flew in to a nearby tree, this a shot of some of them there. It did make me think of the phrase “3’s a crowd ” :)

Day 310 Thursday 02nd February 2012


Abstract Bamboo

What a difference a day makes….for last night for the first night since I injured my back, I kind of slept OK. I actually managed to find a position that I didn’t feel much pain in and I feel all the better for it today. My back is still hurts when I sit, however, the pain has eased off quite considerably, which is a really positive sign.

I have found it really difficult not to unpack boxes which have yet to be opened from our house move, thankfully they had been placed in spare rooms which we aren’t currently using, so it’s easier for me not to think about sorting them out. I have had to resist temptation as I can’t afford to risk setting myself back, with all the resting I’ve had to do these last couple of days.

The heavens haven’t stopped today with their sharing of rain! I took a moment to go out in to the garden, being very careful not so slip and I took this shot of some bamboo that is growing in our garden. I love bamboo and really loved how the rain had really brought out the colours. I tried to take the shot in a kind of abstract way. Hope you like it. Now all I need is a panda ;)

I am sorry for not replying to comments recently, I just wanted to say thank you now and hat I will try to reply to them all soon!

Day 309 Wednesday 01st February 2012


My Encounter on a Short Walk

I have spent the majority of today lying down, resting my back. I was in agony again this morning, however, as the day went on, the pain has subsided which is good.

I went for a very short walk this afternoon and came across this beautiful bird, which was being harassed by several mynah birds, that kept swooping down on to him. Poor thing!

Day 308 Tuesday 31st January 2012


Almost no Photo

Today, I have been in that much pain I almost didn’t take a photo today, which would have been the first day in this project that I would have missed (even when I had my leg operation back in March, I still took a photo, just after my op). I am a stubborn mule though and even though I was in pain, I was determined to take a photo, its not a good one, but still…it’s a photo! One of some berries in our garden.

I really struggled to physically get out of bed today, it hurts so much when I sit. It doesn’t hurt so much when I stand or walk, but when I lay down I am sore and when I sit, I feel like someone is stabbing me literally, in the back.

I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment today with a local physiotherapist, who was really good. He thinks that I may have torn a ligament in my lower back. I have some anti-inflammatory tablets, and he has strapped my back up and I basically have to rest! I can’t sit, so I have had to tell both my jobs that I won’t be in for the rest of the week, which I feel really bad about, but there’s not a lot that I can do about it.

I have another physio appointment on Friday, so hopefully, by then, my back will be heaps better (I am really hoping for this to be the case).

The good thing was, I was able to walk to my physio today and walking actually helped me a little, so tomorrow, I will try and walk for 10 minutes, to try and loosen it a little.

Day 305 Saturday 28th January 2012


North Avoca

Today has been a really good day,for we purchased a new BBQ! I hadn’t had a BBQ since last October, when we parted with our old one, so it was high time for us to replace it. Our new one is fabulous, it’s called the WebberQ and it is soooo good!

We did more things around the house today and before our BBQ in the evening, we went to North Avoca, pretty much so that I could take some photos, this photo being one of them. It’s basically at the far end of the beach where we now live, but it’s called North Avoca, rather than Avoca Beach.The light was absolutely beautiful, and the waves were glorious as they rumbled against the rocks.

Good things come to those who wait and my partner made a lovely BBQ tonight, which we ate, out on the verandah underneath the stars, listening to cicadas. All is well!

Day 304 Friday 27th January 2012


My First Sunrise in Avoca Beach

As I left the house really early this morning, I could see spectacular cloud formations changing colours before my eyes. I knew that I didn’t have much time, as I really hard to make a start on my commute, however, I was able to make a slight diversion to the local beach to take this shot.

I am hoping that I will be fortunate enough to see beautiful sunrises here, like I used to in Manly…time will tell.

Day 302 Wednesday 25th January 2012


Wishing Summer Would Show its Face Again

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer, to be honest, I am starting to get a little sick and tired of it.

Imam afraid this was the best photo I could take today…of a leaf in my garden.

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