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Day 63 Tueday 31st May 2011

Roped In

I went for a short walk today and I noticed this rope in the water. It appealed to my eyes, therefore I had to photograph it – it’s as simple as that.

Nowadays, I see everything as though I am photographing it. I wish I had cameras in my eyes! I see beauty in so many things. To me, this rope it is beautiful, I love the texture and how the colour has changed with the section which is constantly in contact with the water.

By now, I am sure you know about my love affair with photographing water. Each day, it mesmerises me, makes my heart skip a beat. I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere away from water, whether it’s a stream, river, ocean or lake. It’s part of me, like I think I’ve said before, I’m sure I don’t have blood running through my veins…I’m sure it’s water :)

Day 62 Monday 30th May 2011


Today has been a shocker of a day. I have spent the entire day waiting…seeing a Doctor….waiting….followed by ultrasound on my leg….followed by more waiting followed by seeing another Doctor. My leg that was operated on 11 days ago is infected unfortunately and I’ve also been told that I have some blood clots in my leg – it’s not DVT thankfully, but it’s painful none the less. So I’m now on antibiotics and I’m having to wear a really sexy(!) thigh high support stocking for the time being…lucky lucky me. I’ve walked lots (as advised to) since I had the op, walking doesn’t really cause much pain, but standing still….crikey does it hurt then. I’ve tried to grin and just get on with it, but today, it was hurting too much and knew that I had to get it checked out.

I was really hoping to return to my job this week but my Doctor has signed me off for 2 weeks. Then on my way home I remembered that I hadn’t taken a photograph of anything, it’s been raining the entire day and by the time I got home it was dark – I had no inspiration on what photo to take today – so this is the best I could come up with…I’m sorry.

It’s actually a lid from a bamboo steamer from my kitchen cupboard.

Sorry for the miserable post – I promise I will be more upbeat tomorrow. Everyone has an off day right??

Day 61 Sunday 29th May 2011

Feeling Forceful

I am really missing the blue skies we’ve had of late. For the last few days – it’s been grey, miserable and more like winter than autumn. I’m hoping the blue sky will return sooner rather than later. The ocean swell has been pretty big lately, allowing me to photograph some large splashes. The fence in this photo is made of stainless steel and you can actually see (not in the photo unfortunately) how it’s been bent by the sheer force of the water.

Speaking of force, last year, I stood in front of this fence with around 15 other people, with my waterproof camera and I held on for dear life as a massive wave approached. I wanted to capture the water – head-on. I actually ended up in the air and at the far end of the ocean pool that this fence surrounds. I wasn’t hurt – nor was anyone else fortunately. What’s ironic, is that I had the forethought to attach my house keys to something, so I wouldn’t lose them, however, a man noticed me taking photographs and he requested me to take some photographs on his behalf, after I’d finished, I unattached my keys and held them in my hand, I walked over to the man, to tell him I’d finished, but just as I did that, another wave came (this was whilst I was on the beach) and it knocked me over and there went my keys….. I was locked out for the day, no suncream, no towel, nothing….I had to wait until my partner arrived home and it cost me $60 to replace my keys. Even though that happened over a year ago, I still look for my keys…hoping that maybe they’ll turn up.

Day 60 Saturday 28th May 2011

Old & New Combined

Had an exhausting day today, which started off on Sydney Harbour – which is where this was taken, whilst on a ferry.

I love going on the ferry, it’s such a peaceful way to travel, far more relaxing than being stuck in traffic.

Day 59 Friday 27th May 2011

Don’t give up on me…

You remember how I mentioned on Monday that the 2 arm-chairs were now broken and were left in a heap ready for someone to take them away? well, it’s now Friday, I went back and this is what I found.

There’s quite a high-tide at the moment and I believe that it was carried in to the ocean pool by the current, I don’t think anyone threw it in.

It made me smile regardless of how it ended up there, it was almost as though it was saying…don’t give up on me – there’s life in the old dog yet! There I go with my imagination again….

Its partner in crime is still in its heap – looking rather sad for itself, I am sure it would like to be liberated and to swim also – perhaps the tide will be kind enough to oblige.

As for the King…he’s still up there, looking rather proud…for the time being.

On a completely different matter, I heard the best news … one of my closest, dearest friends gave birth to her first child on Thursday, I found out today. A little baby boy, both doing fine. I only wish that Australia wasn’t on the other side of the planet, so that I could meet him and give her and her husband a big hug. It’s such great news, which has made my day/week. I am elated for them. This is a day, I’ll never forget.

Day 58 Thursday 26th May 2011

Ocean Spray on an Autumn Day

I went for a walk along the coast today…Dr’s orders and all that…any excuse for me to photograph the ocean!

I love days like this – wrap up warm days. With the waves crashing against the rocks, I couldn’t really ask for more.

It was also a perfect day to clear the mind.

On a side note, for those who may be interested, where you can see the wave crashing, this is actually the place where I have taken previous photos – Day 18  and also Day 50 but in those photographs I was in front of the waves crashing. I love this area, it’s wild and beautiful.

Day 57 Wednesday 25th May 2011

Wind 1 – Samantha 0

Today it rained and rained and it was incredibly windy, especially by the coast.

It was very difficult trying to keep an umbrella up, though I was kind of secretly hoping that maybe I would take flight, so I battled the win…alas the wind won and I had to give up my battle, so I just got really wet, there wasn’t a lot I could do about it unfortunately. No flying for me….not today anyway.

Day 56 Tuesday 24th May 2011

Lets Mingle

I really wasn’t feeling inspired at all today. Not feeling too great if I’m honest. So, I’m afraid this is the best I could do today. Oil from a bus, shimmering in the rain. I thought it looked rather abstract. The colours made me smile. I see beauty all around me.

Day 55 Monday 23rd May 2011

One Remains – The King of Chairs

It has been a 1 week since I last visited ‘The Room’ (Click here Day 48) and I was actually rather saddened to see that only the sofa remains. The other 2 chairs are in a broken heap ready to be taken away to a landfill site most likely. I really felt sad – how silly is that?

After the last month, I have become rather attached to these chairs – and to see them broken down as though their heart and soul had been ripped away from them saddened me. We have been on a journey together – all be it a short one.

The King of the chairs is still up there on the rock, overlooking the ocean – in its pride of place. I’m not sure how long it will stay there as I fear it will reach the same fate as the other chairs sooner or later. I’ll check on him tomorrow. Maybe I should sit in him all day? or chain myself to him so that no one takes him away!

I have to say, due to my leg operation on Friday, getting here, even though it is very close to where I live, was hard work as I had to walk across the beach, I took my time but I am tired now . Oh well, it was worth it.

Perhaps I should start a petition…”Save the King of Chairs”….

Day 54 Sunday 22nd May 2011

A New Day

Hardly slept last night, actually I didn’t sleep at all.
I knew that I needed to walk today, so I decided to walk early, before it got too hot. I will rest up for the rest of the day.
I have learnt in the last couple of days that I can only depend on myself and that I am stronger than I think I am.
Life is full of twists and turns. People come and go. Life goes on…

Day 53 Saturday 21st May 2011

At the End of a Long Day

Managed 3 short walks today – think I may have pushed myself a bit too much. Will rest up tomorrow. Today has been a really really long today and I will be glad when it is over.

Day 52 Friday 20th May 2011

Yesterday, I had an operation on my leg and as this 365 project is about me, my life and things that I see, I thought I should share this. I know it’s not an amazing photograph or anything – but it’s part of my journey. I have just come out of hospital now, so I’m on the road to recovery, with my lovely man to take care of me, as he returned from his overseas trip yesterday, so yesterday was a very big day for me. All is well.

Day 51 Thursday 19th May 2011


I liked the glossiness which really made the colours ‘pop’ compared to its neighbouring rocks that looked dull. The shine/wetness was caused by high tide.

Day 50 Wednesday 18th May 2011

Fireworks in the Water

This wave was absolutely massive. If you look at my post on Day 18  both captures were taken at the same place. Look at the height of the spray on day 18 (which was big) compared to today – it was that big it was  jaw dropping! Seriously. I haven ‘t seen waves crashing against rocks this big before.

I have had such an incredible morning. The waves are huge today – 3 metre swell, absolutely incredible to watch, especially when they came crashing against the rocks. The police had put out warnings on the television last night, warning rock fishermen not to fish today, because the conditions are so dangerous. I only saw 2 surfers who were brave enough to surf these waves and to be honest I only saw 1 of them surf 2 waves, for the rest of the time, they just seemed to be happily drifting about.

I really didn’t want to leave where I took this photo, so much so, that I would walk a little and then say to myself “ah, just one more photo” and I’d wait for another wave to come bounding in towards the shore. I got to the point that I kept saying this to myself over and over, because what if I missed the wave? I ended up walking backwards…I kid you not! Eventually, I carried on my walk along the coast and then came to these incredible waves that looked like horses jumping through them.

I have been in absolute awe of the ocean today. And to top it all off, on my walk back, I decided, instead of joining the footpath/road I would walk along part of the actual cliff (it was safe – high enough to be away from the water) and boy am I glad I went that way, because I saw a pod dolphins surfing the waves! I didn’t take any photographs of them, I just watched them and wished that I could have joined them. I’ve been surrounded in the water by approx 20 dolphins before, whilst they surfed the waves and my partner surfed with them and I just floated with my bodyboard with tears in my eyes (seriously) at the beauty of these incredible creatures. That was such an amazing experience and we were the only people there. It also happened to be on his birthday! what a special birthday present! They swam right underneath me, it was an experience I will never ever forget.

Anyway, going back to today….how lucky was that? that I chose to walk along the cliff top (which I have never done before).

All in all I have had the perfect morning.

Day 49 Tuesday 17th May 2011

Keys to my Soul

Today, I talked a lot to someone about my piano lessons that I used to have whilst I was growing up. It used to be a major part of my life, but I haven’t played my piano for a long time…from tomorrow that will change, it’s time she came back in to my life.

I’ve had this piano since I was 14, but I’ve played the piano from the age of 8 I think. I was pretty young. I used to play with my eyes closed or my hands behind my back and play that way (when I was little). I hated reading music. I can read, but I don’t enjoy the reading part, it takes the shine off the actual playing. I actually used to memorize all my music and I never told my teacher. But how I memorised the music – was from beginning to end, so if I messed up in the middle, I’d have to start all over, which used to drive my piano teacher crazy, as she thought I was reading the music, she’d always tell me to pick up from where I left off…but I couldn’t!

One day, the phone rang and she went to answer it and I started playing a piece of music that I hadn’t played for a few years. When she came back in to the room, she said that it sounded lovely and asked me where the sheet music was for it. I told her I didn’t bring it, that I just remembered it. It suddenly dawned her and I explained to her that all the pieces of music that I was taught to play, I played from memory, not from reading. It’s funny, to this day, I can still play those pieces of music, but the same thing happens…if I make a mistake during, I have to start from the beginning, that’s how it’s been programmed in to my memory!

Day 48 Monday 16th May 2011

A Room with a Slightly Different View

If you are wondering why I’ve given this title to this photo, I’ll explain here…

A couple of weeks ago, this 3 piece turned up on these rocks from out of nowhere, which I photographed and used as an entry for my 365 project which you can see by clicking here; Room With a View 

I honestly didn’t think that the chairs would stay there for very long, I thought that the local Council would remove them. They haven’t. So I thought that it would be a rather good idea to photograph the chairs again, to show, how people have moved them, how they have faired in the weather/ocean waves splashing, surfers sitting in them catching their breath. This is the outcome.

I also like the contrasts of the weather – the first day that I took the photograph, it was cold, raining, windy, rather a dull day. Today – it is edge to edge blue sky.

What I found really amusing, is that on the sofa, there was an upturned (empty) container of cookies & cream ice-cream! – which really tied in with my room with a view (the first photo). Made me smile.

Day 47 Sunday 15th May 2011

I went on an adventure today, that saw me go on 4 ferries in total, around Sydney Harbour. I took over 400 photos during the day, hoping that I would have a good enough one to represent my day here in my 365 project. It turns out that I did and it happened to be 1 of the last photographs that I took of the day, so I needn’t have walked the miles that I had walked….oh well, I enjoyed myself and saw places that I hadn’t seen before, so all is good. Besides, how can I complain when I was able to witness this beauty of a sunset right before my very own eyes!

Day 46 Saturday 14th May 2011

As Clear as Anything

This afternoon, I went on a mini adventure and ended up at a place called The Basin, which is part of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, which is located on the outskirts of Sydney. I came here by a little ferry.

It’s so incredibly peaceful here. Lots of wild wallabies roaming free.

I am going to have to come back…sooner rather than later.

Day 45 Friday 13th May 2011

Dancing Planets Jupiter, Venus & Mercury form a triangle

Dancing Planets
I woke up this morning at 5:15am to go and see the dawn dancing of the planets. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury formed a triangle.

Mars is below the triangle, (but I couldn’t see it to be honest, I think it was very faint to the human eye). This is the view of the planets aligned in the Southern Hemisphere.

The alignment of the 4 planets only happens every 50 – 100 years, the next occasion will not happen until 2056.

I say dancing planets, because they will be shifting around over the next couple of weeks. For example on the 13 May 2011 – Mars is below the triangle but on the 21st May it will be above the triangle (Southern Hemisphere) and then the moon will join the dance on the 31st May 2011 (another early morning for me then I guess!).

Taken at Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia 13 May 2011 at approx 5:30am.

I felt very honoured to view this spectacle this morning. How lucky am I? In the greater scheme of things…..humans are tiny ants :)

Day 44 Thursday 12th May 2011

Seagulls on the hunt for fish ‘n’ chips…

These Australian seagulls were very interested in some poor unsuspecting victim who was enjoying some fish and chips whilst waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Day 43 Wednesday 11th May 2011

Self Portrait

This is absolutely the hardest thing that I have had to do for this project so far, as I absolutely hate being in front of the camera. I don’t belong here…I am out of my comfort zone..I belong behind it!

So this project is all about challenging myself…so I’ve bitten the bullet and here is the result.

I needed something to ‘hide’ behind, so I used this head-piece that I wore to a 1920’s themed party a couple of years ago.

Day 42 Tuesday 10th May 2011

Golden Hue

The sun has finally set upon today. It’s been a rather long day…but I’ve taken steps in the right direction, with certain things in my life. All is well.

Taken at Hinkler Park, Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 41 Monday 09th May 2011

Feeling Like Winter

Yesterday it was sunny, lovely and warm here….today is a different story…as it was freezing cold (well freezing cold for here anyway!) and felt more like Winter rather than Autumn. A good day to blow the old cobwebs out, as my Mum would say.

Day 40 Sunday 08th May 2011

Emerald Water

I have had such a peaceful day today, I managed to escape the crowds and I have found a perfect little hideaway where I was able to swim in this water all alone… idea of heaven. I found a lovely rock to sit on after my swim, with my feet dangled in the water. As I sat there, I watched the tide massage the rocks.

Upon my rock, I sat and pondered….for quite some time. In the process of pondering, I was able to clear my mind and just enjoy the peace and beauty that surrounded me. I also came to the conclusion that I am totally in love with Australia. I love living here, I really do now consider it my home.

Day 39 Saturday 07th May 2011

A Place to Escape

I found peace and tranquility. Today, I forced myself outdoors when really all I wanted to do was hide away.

I love this area as it truly is a place to escape.

This was taken in Pittwater, Sydney, Australia, late afternoon.

I thought that this photo is rather atmospheric with the rays of light shining through.

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